Guimaras is the agri-tourism capital of the region with empowered, self-reliant and healthy families in a progressive economy anchored on the principles of sustainable development.



 Improved quality of life of Guimarasnons through responsive and participatory governance.



 Guimaras is the Agri-Tourism Capital in the Region and a major tourist destination in the country

 Producer of high value agricultural crops particularly the world-famous “Guimaras Mango” and fishery products

 A transshipment hub and seaport province that links Panay and Negros

 A metro residential suburb providing low cost and high-end housing facilities

 Vision Elements, Descriptors and Success Indicators


As agreed among the stakeholders, these are the descriptors of the development vision which is centered on the families and which spelled out the direction and role of Guimaras in the development of the region, as well as the principles which will guide the province in pursuing its vision.

Empowered and self-reliant families of Guimaras means

 •   they are responsible and participative in the development process

 •    all families have income above the poverty line

 •    majority of the family members possess life skills

 •     all working age family members employed

 •     all 16-60 years old family members completed at least secondary education

Healthy in all aspects (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) families means

 •     0 mortality  caused by preventable diseases

 •     low morbidity rate

 •     decreased crude death rate

 •     100% of families with standard dwelling units

 •      all families eat complete and balanced meals

 •      0 malnutrition rate

 •      harmonious relationship in every family and among families in the community

 •      families safely live in crime-free and child-friendly communities

Progressive means the economy of the province is globally competitive

 •     where high quality agricultural and fishery products are produced

 •      tourist destinations offer unique experiences, and

 •      there is increased market share of Guimaras in the regional and national tourist arrivals.

 •      This also necessitates the provision of support infrastructures which are adequate meaning all households are sufficiently provided or have access to, efficient which implies convenience, faster and durable, and environmentally- compliant.

It is also envisioned that the progress of Guimaras is sustainable, as indicated by

 •      increased investments, and

 •      increased number of viable Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)

All of these are anchored on sustainable development which implies among others that the environment of Guimaras is

•      Wholesome and tourist-friendly, as indicated by pollution levels that are below or within tolerable level or limits; very minimal solid waste; protected, conserved and rehabilitated coastal areas; and protected marine sanctuaries.

 •     Ecologically balanced wherein there is increased forest cover, reduced soil erosion, preserved or flourishing flora and fauna, and judicious utilization of land and mineral resources by everyone concerned. It also stresses that the kind of development that will be pursued promotes economic development without jeopardizing the integrity of the Guimaras environment and use of resources is done with due considerations for the needs of future generations.

 It has to be realized that all of these will be catalysed by a capable, responsive, effective and efficient governance of development institutions.



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