A Medical Doctor by profession, he started his career in Public Service as the Municipal Health Officer of Buenavista, Guimaras.

He was appointed by then Governor JC Rahman Nava in 2001 to head the Provincial Health Office, recognizing his capacity and educational background on Masters in Public Health.

In 2004, he was again convinced to run as Mayor for the Municipality of Buenavista, and with the stronger calling for public service, he readily accepted the invitation.

Mayor Sam’s simplicity was apparently reflected in his administration in the Municipality of Buenavista and in silence, the municipality vastly developed. He served with immense compassion, unmoved integrity and full responsibility. Not only had the Buenavistahons seen the evident change under his governance that earned him their respect, but also his critics.

The full nine years of dedicated, honest and transparent service in Buenavista was just a benchmark of Mayor Sam as he took post as the new Governor of the Province of Guimaras in July 2013.

Finally, Governor Sam, a family man who capably balances public service and family affairs, is blessed by an equally responsible and hardworking wife, Cecile and a lone yet very independent daughter, Ysa Katrina.