Socio Economic Profile

Geographic Location

The Municipality of Buenavista is located at the northern tip of Guimaras Island and is one of the five towns comprising the Province of Guimaras. The northern and northwestern parts of the town overlook the Panay Island and the North-eastern portion faces Negros Island. It is two miles away from Iloilo City and four miles from Negros. The Municipality is separated from the former by Iloilo Strait and by Guimaras Strait from the latter.


Total Population (August 1, 2015) PSA: 50,437 Total Households: (MCPC 2015): 12,180 Land Area: 12, 826 Hectares Total No. of Barangays: 36 Growth Rate: 1.55% Population Density: 3.9 person / hectare Classification: 2nd Class IRA (2015): P 94,277,484.82 Local Income (2015): P 11,521,447.89

For more information, visit Municipality of Buenavista’s website at www.buenavistaguimaras.gov.ph

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