The Provincial Economic Development Office (PEDO) continued in providing strategic direction to strengthen the province’s economy through investment promotion, cooperative development and job creation initiatives. It initiated policies for expansion of MSMEs in order to support the province’s vision to be an agri-eco tourism capital of the region.

Investment Promotion

PEDO had participated in a local investment forum initiated by the European Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines. This has provided the province the avenue to present the investment priority areas, contained in the Guimaras Investment Code of 2017. Furthermore, we, together with representative of the Guimaras Investors Club (GIC) have been to an investment mission in Brno and Prague, Czech Republic for possible collaboration in the field of environment, education, and site development for eco-tourism.

The initial outcome is the signing of Memorandum of Understanding between the Mendell University in Brno and the GSC for a joint undertaking on research in tropical agriculture. Also, the Ministry of Trade and Commerce had invited the medium enterprises in Guimaras to participate in the forthcoming ’Salina European Agricultural Trade Fair 2020”.

MOU Signing at Guimaras State College, November 2018

Trade, Investment and Employment

The office conducted and participated a total of 10 trade fairs that generated gross sales of Php 20, 133, 818.50 with Php 134, 215.00 under negotiations and Php 686, 000.00 booked sales. This activity promoted efficient marketing and distribution of local products and services, to expanded and strengthened linkages among MSMEs through information exchanges and market matching.

Market Matching, Sikat Pinoy National Trade Fair
Sikat Pinoy National Trade Fair, March 2018

Employment Promotion

Public Employment Service Office (PESO) is a local service facility that provides the prompt, timely and efficient delivery of employment related services towards resolving the country’s unemployment and underemployment problem.

For the year 2018, the Guimaras Provincial Public Employment Service Office has facilitated job generation that includes job fairs, Government Internship Program (GIP), Special Program for the Employment of Students (SPES), Special Recruitment Activities (SRA) and Referrals. This initiative generated 200 beneficiaries of SPES, 31 beneficiaries under GIP and 58 hired-on-the-spot applicants. Furthermore, the PESO in implementing its measures boost its networking and linkaging capacities partnered with different institutions in establishing career opportunities in the province.  Other major functions of the PESO are Career Guidance and Labour Market Information so that labor workforce will be aware of the career needs of the different industries. For 2018, 10 Career Guidance Fiesta and 11 Labor Market Information were jointly facilitated by the PESO and DOLE to Grade 10 students of 10 National High Schools in the province. The six (6) Employability Skills Enhancement Training conducted last year provided the Students world and national trends in terms of employability.

Career Guidance Advocacy Program
Career Guidance at Nueva Valencia National High School, November 2018

In summary, all our efforts in attracting investments, developing micro and medium enterprises, finding market for our products and facilitating employment contributed to the economic sector of the province. We continue to work with our mandates to have a vibrant economic growth.


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