October 2016

October 31, 2016

01Purchase of Medical and Laboratory Equipment2016-09-089DCGNPHview

October 27, 2016

01Reproduction of Newsletter2016-10-023GOview
02Purchase of Drugs and Medicines2016-10-025NVDHview
03Purchase of Drugs and Medicines2016-10-026NVDHview
04Purchase of Medical Supplies2016-10-027NVDHview
05Purchase of Drugs and Medicines2016-10-030DCGNPHview
06Purchase of Drugs and Medicines2016-10-031DCGNPHview
07Reproduction of CBMS Census Stickers2016-10-032PPDOview
08Purchase of Office Supplies2016-10-033DCGNPHview
09Purchase of Crude Oil2016-10-034DCGNPHview
10Purchase of Medical Supplies2016-10-035DCGNPHview
11Purchase of Janitorial Supplies2016-10-037DCGNPHview
12Purchase of Electrical Supplies2016-10-038DCGNPHview
13Purchase of Construction Materials2016-10-039DCGNPHview
14Purchase of Welding Rod and Engine Oil2016-10-042PEO view
15Purchase of Laboratory Supplies2016-10-047DCGNPHview
16Purchase of Office Equipment2016-10-048GENROview
17One Job Supply of Labor and Materials for the Fabrication and Transportation of 37 Jackstone Artificial Reefs2016-10-049 GENRO view
18Purchase of Drugs and Medicines2016-10-052PHO view
19Purchase of Crude Oil and Gasoline2016-10-053GOview
20Purchase of Rescue Equipment2016-10-054 GOview
21Purchase of Medical Equipment2016-10-055GOview
22Reproduction of Newsletter2016-10-057GOview
23Purchase of Office Equipment2016-10-058BAC view
24Catering Services2016-10-059PSWDO view
25Food and Accommodation2016-10-060PSWDOview
26One Job (Labor and Materials) for the Installation of Laminated Glass with Platinum Black Tint of Kia Panaramic 2.7 Vehicle Front Windshield2016-10-063PSWDOview
27Purchase of Training Materials 2016-10-064PSWDOview
28Purchase of Diesel
2016-10-065 PSWDOview
29Purchase of Medical Supplies
2016-10-067 PHO view
30Purchase of Tire and Wiper Blade2016-10-069 PHO view
31Purchase of Crude Oil and Gasoline2016-10-070

PHO view

October 20, 2016

01Purchase of Medical Oxygen2016-10-003DCGNPHview
02Purchase of Grocery Items2016-10-006PSWDOview
03Catering Services2016-10-008PSWDOview
04Purchase of AVR for 5 Tonner Aircon2016-10-012PTourismview
05Purchase of Vehicle Parts and Accessories2016-10-013PEOview
06Purchase of Laboratory Supplies2016-10-021GENROview
07Purchase of Construction Materials2016-10-022OSPview
08Purchase of Laboratory Supplies2016-10-045DCGNPHview

October 13, 2016

01Purchase of Drugs and Medicines2016-09-053DCGNPHview
02Purchase of Construction Materials2016-09-068PEOview
03Purchase of Office Equipment2016-09-069PEOview
04Purchase of Medical Supplies2016-09-070BEH view
05Purchase of Diesoline and Brake Fluid2016-09-073PTourismview
06Purchase of Laboratory Supplies2016-09-074DCGNPHview
07Purchase of Laboratory Supplies2016-09-075DCGNPHview
08Purchase of Office Equipment2016-09-079GENROview
09Purchase of Office Equipment2016-09-080PAcctg.view
10Purchase of Container Van2016-09-088GOview
11Catering Services2016-09-090GADview

October 07, 2016

01Purchase of Tires2016-09-077OSPview

October 06, 2016

01Purchase of Laboratory Supplies2016-09-045DCGNPHview
02Purchase of Office Equipment2016-09-047GOview
03Catering Services2016-09-048GOview
04Food and Accommodation2016-09-049GOview
05Catering Services2016-09-057PEDOview
06Purchase of Office Equipment2016-09-058PEDOview
07Catering Services2016-09-060PPDOview
08Food and Accommodation2016-09-062PHOview
09Catering Services2016-09-065OSP view
10Purchase of Sports Equipment2016-09-066DepEdview