Historical Background

Jordan’s central location serves well its function as the provincial capital. From this ideal location all points on the island are relatively accessible allowing easy dissemination of services and information.

The main point of entry into the municipality of Jordan is the Jordan Wharf located in Barangay Rizal. It is the nearest point of access from Iloilo City allowing the municipality better trade opportunities and development stimuli than other municipalities in Guimaras. This is the reason why Jordan is also regarded as the commercial center of the Proivnce. However, this locational advantage should be complemented by strengthening further the infrastructure supports, such as improved Jordan Wharf, paved roads, communications and other utilities.

The Municipality of Jordan is located just across the City of Iloilo separated by Iloilo Strait at a distance of 1.5 nautical miles. It is accessible by sea transport via pumpboat in Ortiz Wharf having regular trips and the RORO in Port San Jose in Hoskyn which cater cargoes. Travel time for pumpboat is about 15-20 minutes.


Population Size and Density

On the latest census count of population conducted by the NSO sometime in 2010, Jordan has a total population of 34,791 with 6670 households. Fifty nine percent (59%) of the total population are dispersed in the rural areas while 41% in the urban areas. The reduction of large area of Jordan mean an increase of population density, wherein more people will be sharing a much smaller land area. Based on the 2010 survey, Jordan had a population density of 200 persons per hectare.

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