Guimaras Conducts RDT to Commuters as COVID-19 Study Commence

The Province of Guimaras has started the conduct of the study to determine the prevalence and status of COVID-19 cases in the island.

The study titled: “Status and Prevalence of COVID-19 cases in Guimaras Province” that commenced on December 14, 2020 primarily focuses on identifying COVID-19 cases particularly those who had developed antibodies to SARS CoV-2.

Governor Samuel T. Gumarin said that the main goal of the study is to establish baseline data on COVID-19 pandemic and its prevalence in the province.

Specifically it aims to determine the health status of Guimaras residents and non-resident commuters as well as to determine the prevalence of COVID-19 through host antibody detection using Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT).

The target population for the study are residents and non-residents commuters going in and out of Guimaras based on the frequency of their travel.

Ms. Angel Ferrer, Economist II, said that determining the sampling population for the study is based on the Executive Order No. 70 issued by the Governor.

The sampling size is 2,187 which inlude residents who undergo dialysis and chemotheraphy, residents working outside the province, non-residents working in Guimaras, residents who travel for more than 10 times in a given month, residents who stayed for more than five days outside Guimaras and non-residents who intend to stay in the province for more than two nights.

This group of population will be subjected to RDT at the RDT stations put up by the province at Jordan Wharf, Buenavista Wharf and Ro-Ro Wharf at Hoskyn in the Municipality of Jordan.

Gumarin clarified that the RDT is free for residents and non-residents alike.

For outbound residents and residents who stayed outside the province for more than five days who will test positive for IgM, they will be subjected to RT-PCR Test and will be brought to the quarantine facility. s.

If the participant tested positive for IgG only, he/she will undergo Rapid Antigen Test but will be released.

Gumarin said that the study will contribute in establishing a baseline data on COVID-19 prevalence and detect the past and present infection of COVID-19.

Moreover, individuals who developed IgG antibody to SARS COV-2 can be a potential donor of convalescence plasma in treatment of COVID-19 patients in the future.

He said that the result of the study can be a basis to develop program on the prevention, control and management of COVID-19 as well as to strengthen the programs and services as response to COVID-19 pandemic.

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