Effective April 1, 2020 wearing of face mask in all public places in the Province of Guimaras is MANDATORY through Executive Order No. 41series of 2020 issued by Governor Samuel T. Gumarin to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Only “Essential Travels” are allowed to enter Province of Guimaras

Effective March 22, 2020 only those with essential business will be allowed to enter the Province of Guimaras.

Essential travel shall refer to travels which are necessary just like the following:

1. To visit an ailing relative

2. To attend the wake of a relative

3. To deliver/bring goods, supplies, construction materials and other commercial/farm/petroleum products

4. To deliver/bring medicines, food and other basic necessities and commodities.

5. To deliver other supplies/products essential to the operation of one’s business

6. To render emergency work or service as requested for one’s property situated in the province.

7. Such other travels deemed necessary and essential by the Provincial Government through the Command Center.

Those persons with travels considered essential must present the following:

1. One valid ID

2. Quarantine Pass


Classes in all levels, both public and private, in the Province of Guimaras are suspended starting March 18, 2020

The Provincial Government of Guimaras (PGG) suspended classes in all levels, both in public and private schools in the province due to the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Governor Samuel T. Gumarin said that the initiative was taken by the PGG to protect the Guimarasnons from the virus.


Guimaras imposes stricter regulations on entry of persons due to COVID-19

The Provincial Government of Guimaras has imposed stricter the entry of persons to the Province of Guimaras due to Corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Governor Samuel T. Gumarin issued Executive Order No. 34 that prohibits the entry of people in the island effective 12:01 of March 17, 2020.

Healthcare workers, authorized government officials or personnel, those travelling for medical or humanitarian reasons, persons providing basic services and utilities, returning residents of the province and those who are working in the Province of Guimaras will still be allowed to enter the province.

Gumarin emphasized that transport of essential goods, supplies and medicines should not be disrupted.

Persons coming from the city and provinces of Iloilo, Capiz, Antique and Aklan will be allowed to set foot in Guimaras provided they have been declared by health authorities as negative of the virus.

The Executive Order is reciprocal to the orders earlier issued by the local governments of Iloilo City, Provinces of Iloilo, Aklan, Antique and Capiz.

Gumarin said the initiative was taken to protect the residents of Guimaras and Panay from COVID-19 that was declared by the WorldHealth Organization a global pandemic.


Entry and/or tours of guests from Metro Manila and those from other areas in the Philippines with localized COVID-19 transmission are temporarily suspended

Further ordered is that Guimaras residents who came from Metro Manila and other areas which have local COVID-transmission may be allowed to enter provided that they shall undergo mandatory self-quarantine for 20 days under the supervision of the rural health unit concerned.


Guimaras suspends public/mass gatherings due to COVID-19

The Provincial Government of Guimaras ordered the suspension of public or mass gatherings in the province through Executive Order No. 30 issued by Governor Samuel T. Gumarin due to COVID-19.

Social events like sitio and barangay fiestas, benefit dances and Municipal Foundation Day public celebrations; rallies; public and private school activities in all levels and other similar gatherings are suspended.


Commercial and private buses, vehicles from Metro Manila temporarily ban to enter the Province of Guimaras

The Provincial Government of Guimaras (PGG) temporarily bans the entry of commercial and private buses and vehicles from Metro Manila through Executive Order No. 29 issued by Hon. Samuel T. Gumarin pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 922, declaring a state of public health emergency throughout the Philippines after the country recorded a local transmission of 2019 Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).