Manggahan in Japan Takes Off

The Province of Guimaras was showcased during the first ever Cultural Exchange Night of the PH Festival at the Philippine Embassy in Roppongi, Tokyo, November 28, 2019.

Governor Samuel T. Gumarin presented the tourism potentials and investment promotions and opportunities in the island-province.

“In our country, Guimaras is known for being the home of the sweetest mangoes in the world and that it has its own Mango Festival where tourists can eat all the mangoes they can, and now let us delve deeper to our province that is just not about mangoes. Guimaras is Mangoes and More,” Gumarin said.

“We hope that all of you will get a chance to visit our island, especially during Manggahan Festival next year which will be a two-week festival, in celebration to a bountiful harvest of Guimarasnons, he said.”

“We are always delighted to have all of you come to our island to experience what Guimaras is all about, the Governor closed ending with a well applauded video presentation.

His Excellency Ambassador Jose Laurel V led the entire Filipino communities in Japan during the said event.

Hubon Guimarasnon sang Manggahan Festival performed a teaser folk dance of Western Visayas, a prelude to the grand performance in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo on November 30th and December 1st.

Philippine Festival 2019 celebrating Pasko ng Bayan as the theme for the furst time is organized by the Philippine Festival Organizing Committee and in partnership with the Provincial Government of Guimaras.

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