With groundbreaking, Guimaras begins construction of new Governance Center

Provincial and municipal officials joined the Guimarasnons to mark the beginning of the construction of the Guimaras Governance Center (GGC).

The groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the new seat of government for the island of Guimaras was held at the Provincial Capitol Canopy on April 4, 2019.

Governor Samuel T. Gumarin who spearheaded the conceptualization of the project, said that the three-storey edifice will serve as a new home and will herald the new face of governance and service for the Guimarasnons and even for those who are not a resident of the province.

As Guimaras continue to soar, it is also fitting for the island to have a new face according to Gumarin.

“Ang ini nga edipisyo nga aton ipatindog, isa ka edipisyo that will mark, that will herald sang bag-o nga pang-gobyerno in terms of infrastructure, in terms sang tanan-tanan nga kinahanglanon sang mga taga-Guimaras. This is the home, new home of Guimarasnons. Sa pangkabilugan, we, I, all of us are very happy because we have a new home. A home that will accommodate, a home that will plan, a home that will extend services sa tagsa-tagsa ka Guimarasnon and even sa indi taga-Guimaras,” Gumarin said.

He added that the Guimaras Governance Center will be a testament to the determination of the island to become the agri-eco tourism capital of Western Visayas.

“It is a realization nga dapat gid man subong, upod sang pagsanyog sang Guimaras, mailisan naton ang isa ka nawong sang probinsiya. Ang kapitolyo probinsiyal that will stand as a signal nga we are determined to push forward as an agri-eco tourism capital sang Region 6,” he added.

However, Gumarin stressed that the officials are just an instrument for the realization of the GGC and it is the people of Guimaras who gained in this endeavor.

This major breakthrough will remarkably change the landscape of Guimaras according to Rep. Ma. Lucille L. Nava.

Nava said that this significant day is the realization of a long time dream to refurbish the provincial capitol structure. 

“With the improvement of this infrastructure, it will remarkably change the landscape of Guimaras. Diri ini sang una nagtubo ang tanan nga handum, diri ginpaligban kun ano ang matabo sa Guimaras in the near future, and its about time. It has been long overdue nga ma-facelift naton ang itsura sang sentro sang aton gobyerno diri sa Guimaras. Madayon at last ang aton madugay na nga handum nga ma-facelift naton ang aton nga provincial structure,” Nava explained.

Further, Nava believes that the Guimaras Governance Center will elevate the kind of service given to the Guimarasnons and will be a beacon of hope for the province.

“So, I hope nga with the improvement of this home of governance, I hope nga matigayon kag ginalauman gid namon nga matigayon ang mas maayo nga serbisyo para sa aton mga pumuluyo. This improvement sang aton Provincial Capitol is a major breakthrough. Diri magatubo sa liwat ang dako nga pag-asa para sa aton probinsiya,” she added.

In a trip down memory lane, Vice Governor John Edward G. Gando was emotional of the thought that the old Capitol building will be demolished in the coming days.    

“Daw masubo man panumdumon nga ang daan nga kapitolyo sa palaabuton nga mga inadlaw paga-gub-on na. I have this mix emotions right now because I will never see again this old building that opened up the opportunity to this representation. Diri ko una nakita kag na-eksperyensiyahan kun paano ang pagserbe sa pumuluyo sang akon pinalangga nga probinsiya,” Gando said.

Nevertheless, the realization of the Guimaras Governance Center according to Gando, manifests that nothing is impossible when the officials have one vision for the province of Guimaras. 

“In this eventual realization of this new Governance Center, simply connotes and suggests nga wala imposible kun ang aton mga opisyales may paghili-ugyon, kun ang aton mga opisyales naga-intiendihanay, kun ang aton mga opisyales nagarespetuhanay kag nagapa-ambitanay sang kaayuhan sang probinsiya sang Guimaras,” he underscored.

The GGC is inspired by a Neoclassical Architecture and influenced by the White House, the United States Capitol and the Buckingham Palace.

Green Architecture will be applied to the three-storey structure, in tune with the province’s drive to protect the environment.

An open garden inside the structure will improve the air quality as well as the landscape and hardscape.

Grey water and rain water catchment system will be installed to the building to recycle water for irrigation or toilet flushing, gardening and will help minimize flooding in the Capitol area and surrounding residential areas.

The GGC also have an energy-efficient design with the provision of wide windows and entrances, the natural daylight design will reduce the building’s electricity needs.

A P300-million loan from the Land Bank of the Philippines will finance the construction of the Guimaras Governance Center.