This contest aims to enrich the talent and skills of the participants through spoken word poetry and promotion of culture

1. The contest is open to all GUIMARASNON.
2. Each participant is limited to only one (1) entry.
3. The piece should be originally written and must be memorized by the contestant. Quote from other writers may be used provided that it is verbally cited in the performance.
4. Entries must be in Hiligaynon and must be relevant to the theme “Alab Sining, Alay Sigla” and must promote the culture and tourism of Guimaras. Any malicious and offensive content is prohibited.
5. The piece must be at least 3 minutes and must not exceed 5 minutes. Failure to meet the given time will result to a one (1) point deduction of the contestant’s total score.
6. The background of the video must be a heritage or tourist destination of Guimaras. Other digital and special effect is discouraged.
7. Use of microphone and background music is allowed to complement the delivery.
8. The contestant must wear decent attire in accordance to their piece
9. Contestants must email the following through guimarastourism@gmail.com:
• Video of the spoken word poetry entry
• Picture of Valid ID
• Filled entry form | Entry Form Link: https://drive.google.com/…/19PRxvRRoaTgP2QxXcT5…/view…
10. Upon submission of entries, contestants thereby giving Guimaras Provincial Tourism Office the absolute permission to use the videos for whatever purpose it may serve. The Guimaras Provincial Tourism Office also reserves the right to disqualify the entries upon the organizer’s discretion.
11. Submission of entries will start on February 14, 2021. Deadline of submissions will be on February 26, 2021, 12 NN.
12. Submitted entries shall be posted in our official Guimaras Tourism Facebook page. Shared entry must use the
13. The judging of entries will be on March 2, 2021 and announcement of winners will be on March 5, 2021


a. Message/Content ———————– 40%
• The content of the spoken piece is relevant to the theme.
• The piece has a powerful and meaningful message to the audience.
b. Delivery and Performance ———– 40%
• The spoken piece was delivered with conviction and emotion.
• Connection to the audience was established from the start.
• Facial expression, hand and body gestures are appropriate to the spoken piece.
• There was clarity in the delivery of piece. Enunciation is clear. Audience can understand what is being spoken.
c. Overall/Audience Impact ————- 20%
• Most reacted and most shared entry.

40%- Message/Content
40%- Delivery and Performance
20%- Overall/Audience Impact

Php 5,000.00- 1st place
Php 3,000.00- 2nd place
Php 1,500.00- 3rd place
Php 500.00- Consolation (4)